Obama Refused to Give Interview to Colorado Springs Newspaper

Obama Refused to Give Interview to Colorado Springs Newspaper

President Barack Obama on Tuesday refused to give an on-the-record interview to the Des Moines Register, but this was not the only insistence in which Obama has refused to go on-the-record in an interview with a newspaper from a swing state.

In Colorado, during the first week of October, Obama refused to give an interview to the Colorado Springs Gazette, a paper that endorsed Romney soon after Obama denied their requests for an on-the-record interview. 

“The Gazette’s editorial board has extended multiple invitations to Obama’s campaign, hoping our president might sell us on his policies,” the newspaper wrote on October 3. “Our invitation was entertained for months, then rejected on Monday.”

Romney, on the other hand, like he did with the Des Moines Register, met with the paper and “laid out a plan and vision for America that is in stark contrast to the president’s. He summarized President Obama’s philosophy as  ‘government-centered, government-intensive … which has never worked anywhere in the history of the world.'”

The paper criticized Obama’s mismanagement of the economy and ultimately endorsed Romney:

We must choose between two men with vastly different visions. President Obama sees a country forged by the force of central government. Gov. Romney sees a country with governance that protects life, liberty and individual pursuits of happiness. Obama’s vision won’t work. Romney’s will, and we believe he will make an extraordinary president.