America's CEO: Obama Can't Do 7th Grade Math

America's CEO: Obama Can't Do 7th Grade Math

On Wednesday October 24, President Obama appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.   During a particularly hard hitting section in which viewers sent in questions for the President, Mr. Obama was blindsided by a grueling line of inquiry from Samantha in Colorado who backed him into a corner with the following: “When you help your daughters with their homework, is there a subject you struggle with?”

The President answered: “Well, the math stuff I was fine with up until 7th grade. But Malia is now a freshman in High School and I’m pretty lost. It’s tough.”

That seemingly clears up a lot of confusion as to why the President cannot balance the budget. It might also explain why the following statistics are a reality in this country and yet fall under his definition of “Recovery”: 

  • The Federal Debt is 16.2 Trillion – up 52% since his inauguration.
  • The debt per person in this country is $51,484 – up $16,753 since his inauguration.
  • Home values have gone down by 10%. College tuitions have gone up 25%
  • There are 47 Million Americans receiving food stamps – up 46% since his inauguration
  • There are over 12 Million unemployed Americans. Over 20 Million are underemployed.

Now in defense of the president, not everybody’s talents reside in the Left Brain.  

That being said, in order to fully understand the gravity of the statistics above, it might be helpful if America’s CEO was minimally armed with the ability to understand 7th grade math.

NOTE:  The Obama campaign just released the above photograph on its Tumblr site. Irony.