Obama Campaign Sends Email Pushing Sex/Voting Video

Obama Campaign Sends Email Pushing Sex/Voting Video

In an unintentionally hilarious attempt to double-down on Lena Dunham’s repellent video equating young women voting for the first time to losing their virginity with Barack Obama, the Obama campaign has sent an e-mail that borders on the absurd:

If this is your first time voting, you should know — it’s pretty easy.

Just like sex. Ask any woman; the first time was always easy.

            It can also be life-changing.

This is true. Ask anyone the ten greatest moments of their life and they’re sure to put voting for the first time at the top of the list. (Although having sex with Barack Obama would probably top that.)

You’ve got to see this video of Lena Dunham talking about her first time – it’s all over my Twitter feed.

It’s not unusual for Dunham to be all over anything.

            Then make sure you’re ready for your first (or second, or third)

            time, too.

Now isn’t that just like the Democrats, urging the voters to vote more than once? Voting is like sex for Democrats; they have to keep doing it to make sure they’ve got everything in the right place.



            Clo Ewing

            Obama for America

P.S. If you’ve seen Dunham’s loathsome video, try checking out Julie Borowsky’s hilarious response.