Superstorm Sandy Hits Chicago Lakeshore

Superstorm Sandy Hits Chicago Lakeshore

The massive storm that is pounding the east coast has moved inland–and its effects were already felt late Monday night on the far shore of Lake Michigan. North winds began blowing down the lakefront, bringing massive waves to the Chicago shoreline.

Wave heights reached as high as 8-10 feet near shore, and were forecast to reachas high as 17 feet overnight. Waves are expected to build to 19 to 21 feet on Tuesday and subside slightly to 13 feet on Wednesday.

The longest fetch (the distance which the effect of seas can travel unobstructed by land before reaching the observer) in Lake Michigan is from the northeast to the southwest, causing the massive waves.

A few Chicagoans were down on the lake front on Monday night at Oak Street Beach to witness this spectacular force of nature.