VA Governor Encourages Donations to Virginia Relief Fund

VA Governor Encourages Donations to Virginia Relief Fund

After calling Hurricane Sandy one of the most threatening storms he had ever seen in all his years of service, Virginia Gov. McDonnell encouraged Virginians to use the Virginia Disaster Relief Fund to help Virginians recovering from the damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy.

McDonnell created the fund, which is a “state-managed relief vehicle that allows individual Virginians and businesses to assist in recovery efforts following major natural disasters in the Commonwealth,” in 2011 after tornadoes ravaged parts of Virginia. 

“We need to look out for each other,” McDonnell said.  

More of McDonnell’s statement:

“After the storm passes, and skies clear, the work will not be over.  Far from it. Virginians in every region are going to be recovering from significant damage. Virginians are going to need help. We will be taking every and all necessary steps at the state level, in conjunction with our federal and local counterparts, and private utility companies, to get power restored and assist with all recovery efforts. But there is more that must be done, and that’s why I’m asking individual Virginians, and local businesses, to pitch in to voluntarily help one another in the days and weeks ahead. We established the Virginia Disaster Relief Fund for exactly this purpose. Now, Virginians can go online and make a contribution that will be put to work in getting help and assistance to their fellow citizens. It’s easy to do, but so important to the people who will benefit from it. I encourage my fellow Virginians, if they have the interest and the resources, to consider a donation to the Virginia Disaster Relief Fund. We will get through this storm and recover from it. And we will do that by working together.”

McDonnell said those looking to make contributions to the Virginia Disaster Relief Fund could do so at this link.