Hawkeye Poll: Romney by One in Iowa

Hawkeye Poll: Romney by One in Iowa

A University of Iowa Hawkeye poll finds Mitt Romney leading President Barack Obama by one point among likely voters.

The poll found Romney with 45.2% of support from likely Iowa voters to Obama’s 44.4%. 

“Our results show Romney making advances and perhaps taking the lead in Iowa, and that the race continues to be close and within the margin of error,” said Frederick Boehmke, an associate professor of political science who oversaw the poll. “It appears that the final result will be determined by each campaign’s ability to turn out supporters and to capture the votes of those last few undecided voters.”

The poll surveyed 320 Iowans between October 18-27, and the poll’s margin of error is 5.6 percent.

“Iowa remains up for grabs and it’s understandable and worthwhile for both candidates to continue to spend time here in the remaining few days of the campaign,” said Tim Hagle, associate professor of political science.

Iowans said their top issue was the economy, and Obama only led among women voters by 2 points. 

In 2008, Obama won Iowa by nearly 10 points, but has been underperforming in the state this election cycle. 

When Obama won the Iowa Caucus in 2008, his candidacy was launched. Four years later, many Iowans have felt remorse that they helped launch Obama to the White House. And last weekend, the influential Des Moines Register, the paper that endorsed Obama in 2008, endorsed Romney.