Republicans Maintain Early Voting Advantage in Colorado

Republicans Maintain Early Voting Advantage in Colorado

Nearly a million Colorado voters have returned their absentee ballots as of Tuesday, and Republicans have a three-point lead over Democrats.

According to KDVR in Denver, 370,982 registered Republicans have returned ballots, making up 38.4%  of ballots returned. Democrats have turned in 343,721 ballots, which makes up 35.6%. Unaffiliated voters have returned 241,294 ballots, which makes up 25%. 

In 2008, Democrats had a two-point lead in early voting in Colorado, and Obama won the state by nearly 10 points because he won independents in Denver’s suburbs. This year, Romney leads Obama among independents in the Denver suburbs even in skewed D+2 Marist polls. 

Romney is tied in the RCP average of polls in Colorado, but these numbers indicate momentum is on his side going into Election Day next Tuesday.