Republicans Lead Democrats With Early Voters In Colorado

Republicans Lead Democrats With Early Voters In Colorado

Here are some hard numbers to counter the Obama/CorruptMedia spin, this time out of the swing state of Colorado where the actual early vote count shows Republicans beating Democrats by almost three points, 38.4 – 35.6%. Yep, more hard data the media won’t report:

So far, 370,982 registered Republicans have returned ballots, accounting for 38.4 percent of the overall number.

Democrats, meanwhile, have turned in 343,721 ballots — or 35.6 percent overall.

Unaffiliated voters have returned 241,294 ballots, which makes up 25 percent of the overall tally to date.

As far as how those Independents might lean, two polls of Independents out of Colorado show both candidates running close to even. One poll shows Obama leading 50-42%. So you split the difference and Obama is up 4% with Indies. That might tie the overall hard early voting numbers cast, thus far.

But just as we saw in Florida, polls that show Romney behind in Colorado have early vote data that doesn’t match the hard early vote data. For example, both Marist and ARG actually do show Romney leading early votes by 1 and 5 points respectively — and surprise, surprise — Marist has the race tied and ARG has Romney up by one. That makes sense.

Purple Strategies, however, has Obama leading Romney by six-points with early votes and Obama winning the state by four.

What this tells us in both Florida and Colorado is that, when polls match or at least come close to reflecting the actual early vote count, Romney does better.  

By the way, in 2008 Colorado Democrats won early voting by five points. If these numbers hold, that’s a five-point swing towards Republicans.

More: If this report from today is correct, Romney has slightly widened his lead.


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