Damaged Brand: Rep. King’s Iowa Opponent Campaigns with Clinton, Not Obama

Damaged Brand: Rep. King’s Iowa Opponent Campaigns with Clinton, Not Obama

Romney/Ryan momentum is alive and well in the state of Iowa, and it might be carrying outspoken Republican congressman Steve King along to another term fighting the good fight in Washington D.C.

CBS News noticed Wednesday

The Romney campaign believes that it is outperforming its goal in the heavily white, blue-collar counties that dot southeastern Iowa, an encouraging sign for any statewide Republican candidate.

“Our state Senate tracking polls are moving [Romney’s] way in swing districts, and the sweep of endorsements over the weekend gives him a sense of momentum,” said Iowa GOP operative Steve Grubbs. “I predict he wins Iowa.”

An October 21st Rasmussen poll showed the presidential candidates tied at 43%, but that puts the incumbent Obama significantly below 50% of the vote and with a huge 10% drop from the support he had in the last presidential election. In 2008, Barack Obama easily won Iowa’s seven electoral votes, beating John McCain 53.9% to 44.4%. It should be noted that Iowa is a classic toss-up state where George W. Bush won the vote in 2004.

A source close the election in Iowa told Breitbart News that along with the recent surge by Mitt Romney in Iowa, the momentum also seems to be with Rep. Steve King for this reelection.

Rep. King’s Democrat opponent Christie Vilsack has also been noticeably absent from Barack Obama’s appearances in Iowa. The president has made three separate campaign appearances in Iowa, and so far, Christine Vilsack has had other engagements for every one of them. Mrs. Vilsack’s husband is a member of Pres. Obama’s cabinet, having been appointed Secretary Of Agriculture in 2008.

On the other hand, President Bill Clinton has made a number campaign appearances with Mrs. Vilsack, most recently in Mason city on Tuesday for a crowd of around 750 people. Compare that to a recent Romney event that drew thousands. Noted feminist Bill Clinton also had a campaign event with Mrs. Vilsack earlier in October in Sioux City that was conveniently located right next to Teasers Gentlemen’s Club.