WI: Tommy Thomspon hits Tammy Baldwin on Defense Voting Record

WI: Tommy Thomspon hits Tammy Baldwin on Defense Voting Record

This week in the Wisconsin senate race, Governor Tommy Thompson (R) hit Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D) with an ad on her far-left-wing voting record on defense legislation.

The ad highlights votes from Baldwin’s 14 year career in the House of Representatives. In some cases Baldwin’s votes were more to the left than Nancy Pelosi.

Baldwin voted against numerous defense spending appropriations bills that included pay raises for military personnel, preventing the release of detainees from Guantanamo Bay Prison and requiring all foreign terror suspects to be tried by military commission. Baldwin even voted against providing our troops with necessary body armor and medical supplies.

The ad also points out, Baldwin voted against sanctions against a nucler Iran, and has accepted up to $60,000 in campaign contributions from a radical pro Iran group, Council for a Livable World.

Governor Thompson released the following statement:

“When it comes to our national security interests, I question Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin’s judgment,” said Thompson. “During her 14 years in Congress, Baldwin has repeatedly proven that she puts her partisan ideology above the national security interests of our country.  When faced with decisions to honor the victims of 9/11 and to provide American troops with lifesaving supplies like body armor, Baldwin chose to make a political point instead.

“Not only has she let her partisan ideology cloud her decision making process, but she has profited off of her weak national security stance.  While she was voting against tough sanctions on a nuclear Iran, she was simultaneously lining her campaign coffers with $60,000 from a radical pro-Iran group.  Through her actions, Baldwin has put her partisan ideology above our national security interests, proving that she is too extreme for Wisconsin and too dangerous for America.”