Bachmann Challenger's Business Enterprises Have Been Delinquent

Bachmann Challenger's Business Enterprises Have Been Delinquent

Jim Graves, the Democrat challenging Rep. Michelle Bachmann, has touted his ability to “pay the bills,” “understand payroll and balance budgets,” and attention to details, but an examination of his business records reveals Graves has been delinquent on at least five of his business enterprises. 

According to Wisconsin and Minnesota state records, Graves’ businesses have been administratively dissolved or revoked. Alhough many were put back in good standing, the records do not reflect someone who has paid close attention to details in managing his businesses. 

Block E Loding, Inc., a Graves business, was administratively dissolved in 2008.

Another — Block E Hotel Capital, LLC — has been revoked twice in 2002 and 2008.

St. Cloud Suite properties, LLC was administratively dissolved in 2009.

Northway Court Center, LLC  was administratively terminated twice in 2006 and 2008.

LaCrosse Lodging, Inc. in Wisconsin was deemed delinquent in 1999 and administratively dissolved in 2010.