Pro-Life SBA List Targets PA's Bob Casey for Obamacare Vote

Pro-Life SBA List Targets PA's Bob Casey for Obamacare Vote

Susan B. Anthony List, the influential pro-life group, on Thursday announced they were going to spend resources targeting incumbent Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey, the Democrat who voted for Obamacare and to fund Planned Parenthood, for betraying his pro-life principles.

The organization will make a $50,000 radio ad buy and over 400,000 robo-calls to socially conservative voters in Pennsylvania targeting Casey for his vote in favor of Obamcare, which forces taxpayers to fund abortion.

Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser said the radio ad will “send the message that Senator Casey” is not a friend to pro-life Pennsylvania taxpayers because Casey betrayed pro-life voters when he “chose party over principle” by voting for Obamacare, which she said was the largest expansion of abortion-on-demand since Roe v. Wade. Dannenfelser also criticized Casey for supporting “taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood – America’s largest abortion provider – all while still claiming to be pro-life.” 

Here is a partial script of the ad that focuses on Casey: 

  “Politicians say the darnedest things. 

Bob Casey junior says he’s pro-life… 

…but Casey Jr. voted for Obamacare…

…the largest expansion of abortion in U.S. history. 

Even forcing churches to pay for abortion inducing drugs against their religious beliefs.

Bob Casey Jr. can’t be trusted to protect Life.”

In December, 2009, the SBA List ran a TV ad in Pennsylvania encouraging Senator Bob Casey, Jr. to oppose Obamacare. The ad asked Casey to embrace the pro-life legacy of his father, Governor Bob Casey (D-Pa.), who was denied a speaking spot at the 1992 Democratic National Convention for his pro-life views and who once said, “Nothing could be more foreign to the American experience than legalized abortion.  It is inconsistent with our national character, with our national purpose, with all that we’ve done, and with everything we hope to be.”

During the 2010 midterm elections, the Susan B. Anthony List defeated 15 out of 20 of the Democrats who voted against Obamacare and their supposed pro-life principles, and the organization is hoping they can help oust Casey, who is essentially tied with Republican challenger Tom Smith in the final days of the race.