Romney Up Six In Florida, 51-45%

Romney Up Six In Florida, 51-45%

Unlike Chuck Todd’s, Marist, a flat-out propagandist for NBC News pumping out polls today showing Obama nearly doubling his lead and turnout advantage in Ohio and winning Florida by two,  Mason-Dixon is a  universally respected pollster, especially in specific states such as Florida. T oday they have Romney up six in Florida, 51-45%.

This is a fantastic poll for Mitt Romney and  much more in line with what we’re seeing from other respected pollsters and not NBC’s juicy-juiced-juicery. But of course the only polls the CorruptMedia reports are media juicers like Marist.

Marist isn’t a pollster, it’s NBC’s own Corrupt Narrative Generator.

Mason-Dixon’s results also line up with what we’re seeing in the gains Romney’s made in the Sunshine State’s early vote count.



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