Bill Clinton Bores them in Ohio

Bill Clinton Bores them in Ohio

Bill Clinton spoke at a rally for Barack Obama in Perrysburg, Ohio on Thursday, and the former president had people absolutely –


The Clinton act has gotten old, apparently, since students at the Owens Community College had better things to do. The gymnasium was only half-full, there was no line waiting to see him, and one student outside with a laptop simply shrugged when asked if she was going: “I’ve got class.”

Well, somebody has to have class.

Clinton is 66 now, and it shows; he intoned he was “honored to be in Pennsylvania for President Obama.” “OHIO,” the crowd shouted back at him.

There was the usual litany of Clinton lies; claiming Obama doesn’t intend to be “taking away incentives for natural gas and oil,” just in favor of green energy. Of course, this doesn’t match Obama’s chatter about taking away “tax breaks” and policies that favor natural gas and oil.

He thrilled the audience with this pitch for Obama’s green energy plan: “Let’s keep doing this.”

No one wanted an encore.