Warren: 'Plenty of Pictures' Reflect Cherokee Heritage

Warren: 'Plenty of Pictures' Reflect Cherokee Heritage

A pre-election interview shows Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren still has a sore spot — and no evidence — for her claims to Cherokee heritage.

A reporter for the Massachusetts ABC affiliate asked Warren a straightforward question this weekend. Warren’s response was curt and dismissive.

Reporter: I asked Warren if she had anything in the house that reflects her Native American heritage.

Warren: I have plenty of pictures. They’re not for you.

Breitbart News has documented in numerous reports how there is no credible evidence to support Ms. Warren’s claims of Native American ancestry.

Had Ms. Warren ever been in possession of any family photos that supported her claims, she would have made them available to the public at some point to quiet the controversy; instead, she’s subjected voters to an agonizing five months of lies and doubling-down ever since the Boston Herald first brought questions about her family history to the public’s attention.