Liberals, MSM Preemptively Attacking Voter Fraud Watchdog Groups

Liberals, MSM Preemptively Attacking Voter Fraud Watchdog Groups

Taking a page directly out of the DNC’s 2004 election manual, liberals and the mainstream media have worked in concert to preemptively target non-liberal watchdog groups like True the Vote. True the Vote has mobilized and are intent on preventing voter fraud on Election Day.

The DNC’s 2004 election manual — on page 54 — encourages liberal activists to work with the mainstream media to preemptively intimidate groups that may expose their Election Day shenanigans. 

And that is exactly what has occurred in the past week. 

ABC’s “Nightline” ran a feature on True the Vote that made the group seem like an overzealous organization intent on finding voter fraud problems that the mainstream media believes does not exist. 

And the Advancement Project, a civil rights group, will join groups like the NAACP and send staff to preemptively monitor polling locations, according to the Washington Post

The Advancement Project says it will have staff to observe voting in these jurisdictions — which include Virginia’s Fairfax and Prince William counties — and have attorneys ready to intervene on behalf of voters.

The issues vary in the communities across Florida, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin and Virginia, according to the organization’s staff, but most have significant minority populations and histories of voting rights violations. Some are also thought to be areas where the tea party or voter fraud watchdog groups such as “True the Vote” will be active, according to Katherine Culliton-Gonzalez, the Advancement Project’s senior attorney and director of voter protection.

Judith Browne Dianis, the Advancement Project’s co-director, said “Our monitors will be monitoring their monitors.”

And liberals have also been raising concerns to the media about how Hispanic voters may be discriminated against on Election Day. These tactics are straight out of the 2004 DNC Election Manual that operatives for John Kerry and John Edwards used. 


The guide encourages Democrats to brief the press about the “background and history of GOP minority voter 
intimidation, with emphasis on past activity in your state or district” and “emphasizing a message of outrage” that is also “designed to appeal to the broader community.”

The manual also suggests Democrats “use minority intimidation as an organizing tool” and “link this fight to the historical fights to enfranchise minorities, going back to the civil rights struggle.”

If there are no signs of intimidation, then the guide urges Democrats to launch a “pre-emptive strike” by:

  • Issuing a press release;
  • Reviewing Republican tactic used in the past in your area or state;
  • Quoting party/minority/civil rights leadership as denouncing tactics that discourage people from voting
  • Placing stories in which minority leadership expresses concern about the threat 
    of intimidation tactics;
  • Priming minority leadership to discuss the issue in the media; 
  • Providing groups talking points;
  • Warning local newspapers not to accept advertising that is not properly disclaimed or that contains false warnings about voting requirements and/or about what will happen at the polls

The manual also urges operatives to “train field staff, precinct workers, and your own poll watchers thoroughly in the rules they need to know for election day” and “plan and completely prepare for possible legal action well in advance of election day.”

The guide also encourages operatives to suggest those who feel they have been intimidated to file lawsuits and one form leaves a lot of room for voters to imagine threats or intimidation at the polls. 

A “minority voter intimidation report form” asks liberal voters to “Please describe any efforts made to persuade you or others not to vote, even if the persuasion was not intimidating, threatening, or forceful.”