Obama Snubs Pennsylvania on Election Day

Obama Snubs Pennsylvania on Election Day

President Obama will give 10 interviews to local television stations in swing states today. Conspicuously absent from his slate of media appearances are any organizations in Pennsylvania, signaling that he may be taking the state’s 20 electoral votes for granted.

Mitt Romney was in Pennsylvania on Sunday — and drew a crowd of over 30,000 — and will make a stop in Pittsburgh today to show Pennsylvanians that he wants to earn their votes. Polls show Romney is within striking distance in Pennsylvania; the latest Susquehanna poll on Sunday showed the race was all tied. 

Obama took his first debate with Romney for granted and got clobbered, losing the most lopsided debate on record. 

Likewise, Obama will interview with stations in Iowa, Wisconsin, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, and Washington, D.C. (to reach the Northern Virginia media market), but he could not spare ten minutes for a station in Pennsylvania.