Ohio Dems Falsely Accuse True the Vote

Ohio Dems Falsely Accuse True the Vote

True the Vote commented on allegations reported in themedia that citizens they trained forged candidate placementsignatures, preventing observer placement in Franklin County, Ohio.

The Ohio Democratic Party claimed that a True the Vote volunteer, Jan Loar, forged candidate signatures to place poll watchers in Ohio. The Ohio Democratic Party pasted the words of a left-leaning blog in their November 5, 2012 press release.

Election law requires that candidates sign for and sponsor poll watchers. In this case, the candidates listed by the TTV volunteer did sign the needed documentation. Under political pressure, the candidates later rescinded their sponsorship.

Catherine Engelbrecht, the founder and head of TTV stated:

“These allegations by the Ohio Democratic Party are dangerous and offensive, the facts are simple: no citizen volunteer– including Jan Loar, or anyone else trained by True the Vote–took any action that was either illegal or unethical, particularly as it pertains to the placement of poll watchers. Ms. Loar has conducted herself with the utmost integrity. To state otherwise is blatant slander.”

Engelbrecht went on to say:

“The sequence of events is as follows: Franklin County resident Jan Loar collected signatures from five candidates on a blank form provided by the County to process election observer placements. Ms. Loar followed instructions by Franklin County to make copies of candidate signatures for subsequent forms.

Prior to scheduled placement of observers, Loar was informed by the Franklin County Board of Elections that no observers would be placed due to candidates rescinding their appointments. True the Vote learned that Daphne Hawk (Republican) and Terri Jamison (Democrat) were threatened with lawsuits and pressure from their respective parties to revoke observer permissions”

It is imperative that William Anthony Jr., Director of the Franklin County Board of Elections, release a full timeline of events surrounding this episode. Given Mr. Anthony’s former position as Chairman of the Franklin Democratic Party, he must also clarify any coordination with the Ohio Democratic Party with respect to these allegations.

This is a final, desperate attempt to deny citizens their right to observe elections. The Ohio Democratic Party has projected paranoia on an international scale by promoting the idea that concerned citizens would dare observe elections to ensure a fair process. If the Ohio Democratic Party thinks True the Vote-trained poll watchers are legion, wait until it meets our lawyers.” 

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