The Wealthiest Preferred Obama

The Wealthiest Preferred Obama

You would think that the wealthiest people in the country would have preferred Mitt Romney to Barack Obama, since Obama wants to raise taxes on the richest members of society.

You’d be wrong. According to a analysis of Tuesday’s election, eight of the ten richest counties in America voted in favor of Obama – and all of them featured a wider margin of victory for Obama than the national average.

The total number of votes in the ten counties was numbered at 1,337,700, which amounts to 1.1 % of the national average. Even in Nantucket County, Massachusetts, Romney’s home state and the wealthiest in the nation, Obama won 63% to 36%. This was despite the fact that Romney held a $75,000 per person fundraiser there just before the Republican National Convention.

Unsurprisingly, the widest margin of victory for Obama came from California’s Marin County; he won 74% of the vote against Romney’s 23%. The two counties Romney won were in New Jersey: Hunterdon County and Morris County.