Poll: Voters Want Tax Cuts Extended Past 2012

Poll: Voters Want Tax Cuts Extended Past 2012

President Obama has claimed a mandate on the issue of tax increases. Last week, he announced that “this was a central question during the election. It was debated over and over again. And on Tuesday night we found out that the majority of Americans agree with my approach.”

Only one problem: they don’t.

According to a new poll from Rasmussen Reports, a majority of Americans, 53%, favor leaving the Bush tax cuts in place for everyone but the wealthy. And close to a majority, 41%, favor continuing the tax cuts for everyone. When the question asked included the cuts in payroll taxes that fund Social Security and Medicare that are scheduled to expire in January, the figure rose to 60%. Only 28% believe that the Bush tax rates should be allowed to expire.

These results aren’t an aberration. They reflect the results of a Breitbart News/Judicial Watch exit poll showing that 71% of voters believed that “The larger the size of government the more opportunities it creates for possible corruption.” But the American public doesn’t trust the Republican Party on spending or corruption issues – hence the results of the 2012 election.

There is hope for America yet. But don’t be fooled by the Obama masquerade, which suggests that his approach is the approved approach. It isn’t. Americans still don’t like high taxes.