Union Turkeys Attack Thanksgiving

Union Turkeys Attack Thanksgiving

The Big Labor thugs continue toshow their true colors by attacking one of America’s most sacredholidays, Thanksgiving. The Big Labor Bosses have their own selfish interests at heart, working to save theirlifestyle, political influences and ultimate power. These tenacioustactics all come at the expense of the very members they claim torepresent! Shame on themfor using this special occasion to further their own agenda.

Intheir quest for survival, the Big Labor Turkeys are willing to destroyAmerican exceptionalism and execute the most devastating and effectiveportion of their so-called corporate campaignsagainst American businesses. Simply put, their actions are an attemptto reduce business revenues during this critical fiscal season. Thiseffort to bring businesses to their knees and submit to forced unionismcomes on one of the proudest days in American history.

Mirroring the attacks against my company, as chronicled in The Devil At Our Doorstep,the goal is to publicly embarrass and intimidate businesses intocapitulation. Big Labor shares a motto with Saul Alinsky, “Ridicule isman’s most potent weapon.” Simply put, that is what these outlandish andunpatriotic demonstrations are all about.  The shame is on them, not on the businesses that have led this country and its people to be the most prosperous in the history of the world!

Therecent atrocities Big Labor has inflicted and planned to inflict uponbusinesses across the country during this holiday week are nothing shortof a disgrace. First, we watched the Twinkie debacle, where head of theBakers Union – Frank Hurt, let his ego make the decision not to negotiate withHostess and sacrificed 18,500 jobs. Instead he stood by the unionmentality of power and intimidation, which forced twinkie maker hostess to close, costing 18,500 Americans their jobs in this stagnant economy.

Thisweek, the UCFW and their partners in crime decided that Thanksgivingand token “Black Friday” was a perfect opportunity to apply pressure toWal-Mart’s employees, whom they have been attempting to force to unionizeover the past several years. Their strategy was for a Black Fridaywalkout and picketing of Wal-Mart stores across the country. This wouldbe an attempt to publicly embarrass Wal-Mart, but more importantlyreduce their revenues during the most important time of year for theretailer. The union claims that this walk out was in response toWal-Mart opening late on Thanksgiving Day and forcing employees to giveup their Holiday and return to work.

These same type claims were made against EMS during the SEIU’s corporate campaigns.The SEIU were experts at finding disgruntled employees, which everycompany has, then use these people andcoercion and intimidation to reinforce the ranks. They then use thesepeople to process the campaign of death by a thousand cutsand engage the sympathetic and oblivious mainstream media to supportthem.  What the mainstream media fails to realize is that these peopleare a very small minority. Case in point, when the SEIU realized thatits campaign against EMS was failing, it called upon EMS employees in alast ditch effort to strike on Labor Day weekend. The result was thatapproximately 10 out of 400 employees in Indianapolis went on the picketline. You do the math, less than 3% of EMS employees, and half of themwere union salts.

Despite the fact the National Labor RelationsBoard (NLRB) and its radical Obama recess appointees will do everythingin their power to favor Big Labor, all charges against EMS were droppedby the NLRB Administrative Law Judge who noted the claims wereunbelievable, contrived and without merit. Similarly, Wal-Mart employeeshave already come forward and admitted that Wal-Mart only provided theopportunity for employees to choose to work if they desired. Typicalthat Big Labor depicted this as “forcing” employees to work againsttheir will, using the gullible and easily mislead recruits to attempt toverify its position. I am sure the NLRB, which is desperatelyattempting to achieve card check through regulation vs. legislation will do everything in its power to assist the newly reelected Presidentby repaying his Big Labor buddies and bring businesses across thecountry to their knees.

Keeping up their destructive reputation,our old buddies the SEIU decided this was the perfect time to make lifemiserable for California travelers on the biggest travel day of the yearby striking the LAX airportin attempt to disrupt travel and impact airport vendors and airlinerevenues. Another selfish attempt by this radical union to placesurvival ahead of respect for a national holiday and American citizens.In most cases, like the protestors at LAX, the people picketing are noteven employees of the company, but hired guns brought in to create adisturbance and get media attention. Shame on the SEIU fat cats.

Americansmust stand up for this great day in history and ask themselves are thesethe type people we want determining our destiny through their “puppet”President in the White House? The answer is NO! This collective group isresponsible for the imminent decline of american exceptionalism!Stand up America and take our country back. When the going gets tough,the tough get going. After all, this is an appropriate time of year toestablish peace and American prosperity.