Lawsuits Against Pizza Places Could Add Costs

Lawsuits Against Pizza Places Could Add Costs

The Obamacare menu labeling regulations not only hike costs and stifle creativity, but it also opens the possibility of crippling lawsuits and fines.

There are 34 million ways to make a pizza, but not every type of pizza is made the same way.  For example, a pizza with green peppers, pepperoni, mushrooms, and olives may not be made the exact same way every time. An employee could add more cheese or leave off a few pepperonis, which would alter the nutritional information. If one were found to be supplying a pizza that does not equal the nutrition information, the owner of the franchise would face the lawsuit and pay the fines. They are the ones who are liable for the mistake.

But that is not the only situation the owners have to worry about.  They could be sued or fined if they do not comply with the menu regulations, including the font size. These lawsuits could eat up any profits the businesses make, thus raising the prices of their goods. If a business wants to put in a new product, but does not update their menu, they could be fined plus pay for the new sign and certification.

The American Pizza Community is trying to work with the FDA to keep things easier and cost effective for their customers. When asked what the punishment for non compliance would be, Domino’s did not have an answer. It turns out the FDA slapped them with these rules, but do not have a set of consequences put in place.

Domino’s Pizza does not know how the FDA would even enforce these new rules. Right now most complaints are put in through the local health inspector, but even that is inconsistent. Franchise owner Jonathan Sharp told Breitbart News one day something might be perfectly fine, but the next, another inspector could find something wrong. The FDA would need thousands of officers just to look after the menus and every single slice of pizza.