Palin to House GOP: Don't Be 'Wusses' During Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

Palin to House GOP: Don't Be 'Wusses' During Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

Former Alaska Governor and vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin said the country has already gone over the fiscal cliff and House Republicans should not go “wobbly” or be “wusses” during the fiscal cliff negotiations with Democrats and the White House.

On Fox News’ “On The Record” Saturday, Palin said that since the House “holds the purse strings,” Republican leaders do not have to “capitulate” to President Barack Obama, who Palin claimed was trying to continue his failed socialist policies to achieve a “fairytale utopia.” She said the House could attempt to defund programs that contribute needlessly to the country’s deficit. 

Palin said the country already went over the so-called fiscal cliff after multiple rounds of quantitative easing and nearly four years without a budget, in which the nation borrowed money from “our grandchildren and foreign countries that may not like us.” She said it is just a matter of how “hard we are going to thump down there at the bottom” of the cliff. 

As many Republicans like Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol and Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) have called for raising taxes, Palin said the Republican leadership needs to work around Obama and Democrats and explain to Americans “what can be done to save us from bankruptcy and insolvency,” noting that House Republicans got reelected to reign in federal spending.

Palin said the only solution is to make Washington and the federal government become as “irrelevant in our lives as possible.”