Reid: Boehner Plan Would Raise Taxes on Middle Class

Reid: Boehner Plan Would Raise Taxes on Middle Class

More bloviating from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid came on Tuesday in an attempt to excuse Democrats dismissing the proposal offered by John Boehner to avert the impending fiscal cliff.

Reid continued the narrative of Republicans hurting the middle class to protect top earners; he said Boehner is trying to protect “millionaires and billionaires” from feeling “pain”:

Their proposal would raise taxes on millions of middle-class families. Their plan to raise $800 billion in revenue by eliminating popular tax deductions and credits would reach deep into pockets of middle-class families. Republicans are so intent on protecting low tax rates for millionaires and billionaires, they’re willing to sacrifice the middle-class families’ economic security to do so.

Reid quoted the liberal Tax Policy Center as his basis for such an assertion. The government could make a huge dent in the deficit with entitlement reform, but Democrats are absolutely refusing to even consider such a thought.

Reid took the time to promote Nancy Pelosi’s discharge petition, which will force a vote in the House on the Senate’s bill raising taxes on families making in excess of $250,000.

Reid claimed, “Now, all Democratic House members, as far as I know, every one of them will sign this discharge petition. If every Democrat signs this, we’ll only need about 25 Republicans to join.”

Reid suggests that there are Republicans who “are willing to move forward” with the legislation.