Google Set to Reap Benefit of Strong Obama Backing?

Google Set to Reap Benefit of Strong Obama Backing?

According to a report by the Washington Examiner, President Obama may be set to pay back one of his biggest sources of campaign donations by appointing the Chairman of the company to a top Cabinet position.

Obama is said to be considering longtime Obama fan and adviser, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, to the position of U.S. Treasury Secretary, U.S. Commerce Secretary, or perhaps a new position of Secretary of Business. 

The news comes just as Google is facing a number of inquiries into its business dealings, including ongoing scrutiny of the company’s accurate disclosure to consumers of its true practices with regard to privacy and handling of user data, and a review by the Federal Trade Commission of alleged illegal anti-competitive behavior on Google’s part.

According to, in the 2012 election cycle, Google personnel donated a total of $736,554 to President Obama’s campaign for re-election, while donating just under $31,000 total to Mitt Romney.

In 2008, according to, Google employees donated $814,540 to Obama’s campaign.