Hundreds of Same-Sex Weddings in Washington State This Weekend

Hundreds of Same-Sex Weddings in Washington State This Weekend

Hundreds of same-sex couples will wed in Washington state on Sunday. 

The state’s new same-sex marriage law went into effect on Thursday, but the state requires a three-day waiting period for anyone applying for a marriage license.

To celebrate the occasion, Seattle “newlyweds will be treated by the city to a massive wedding cake.”

“It’s a cake for 400 gays and lesbians getting married,” said Amanda Russ, 39, who plans to get married this weekend. “There’s no way that cake’s not going to be good. There’s no way it’s not going to be decorated perfectly.”

Washington state officials say the influx of marriage license requests has broken records in some counties:

King County, the state’s largest, opened the doors to its auditor’s office in Seattle just after midnight to start distributing licenses. But hundreds of people had lined up hours earlier, snaking around the building on a chilly December night. The county said it issued 489 marriage licenses Thursday, mostly to same-sex couples, breaking a previous daily record of 212. On average, King County issues 75 to 100 marriage licenses a day.

Nine states and the District of Columbia have all legalized same-sex marriage by popular vote. Constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage have been passed in 31 states.

On Friday, the Supreme Court announced it plans to take up two same-sex marriage cases in 2013.