Communist Labor Party Will Join Michigan Right to Work Protest

Communist Labor Party Will Join Michigan Right to Work Protest

The Brooklyn based Progressive Labor Party announced their support for Tuesday’s right-to-work protests in Lansing, Michigan. The group was formed in the early 1960s, and has a membership estimated to be a few thousand. The Party believes that the labor unions are not going far enough and wrote on their blog

While workers in Lansing are shocked that a faction of the US ruling class wants to do away with unionized labor and are organizing massive protests to fight “Right to work” legislation, most of them harbor illusions that the democrats are a better choice. The democrats represent the ruling class and, like the Trojan Horse, appear to be better for the working class because they do a better job lying to, manipulating, and controlling the working class, as the workers trust them.

Thousands of demonstrators are expected in Michigan’s Capitol on Tuesday to protest the Republican controlled legislature and Governor pushing through right-to-work legislation. Breitbart News has reported that radical anarchist Lisa Fithian has been doing ‘direct action’ training in Michigan; Fithian was exposed in the film Occupy Unmasked for her long ties to violent protests.

Right-to-work legislation has been building public support in Michigan for years, as workers in the union stronghold have felt that the unions have outlived their usefulness. The avowed communists in the Progressive Labor Party want the labor unions to continue their monopolistic control of workers. They have announced that they plan to be in Lansing:

 PLP will be there with the protesting workers, but instead of liberalism and trade unionism, we will be arming the workers with the Red ideas of a revolution that will give us the right to work for ourselves in a Communist society under the dictatorship of the working class.