California College Students Press for Hatred of Israel

California College Students Press for Hatred of Israel

The university system, which has been run by leftists for years, has done its job well in fomenting hatred for Israel. After the California Assembly passed resolution HR 35, which “Calls upon officials of California public post secondary educational institutions to increase their efforts to condemn acts of anti-Semitism on their campuses,” the University of California Students Association Board of Directors drafted a petition which opposes HR 35.

The students’ petition protests that it is not anti-Semitic; that it only favors a “healthy democratic process” that champions a “marketplace of ideas where no political speech is suppressed,” but it uses the standard smear tactics against Israel, from the accusations of Israel fostering “an illegal occupation” to the accusations of “racism” and apartheid.”

Notice there are no widespread criticisms on campuses across America of the brutal suppression of human rights in Islamic countries across the globe, that the Arab citizens in Israel live far better and freer than their peers in Arab countries, that the “occupation” refers to land won in a war and has Biblical roots, that if one wants to speak of apartheid about a state that ridiculously allows Arab Muslims to serve in its parliament, it might be more appropriate to speak of Arab lands where Christians and Jews cannot even visit.

Students are notorious for being vulnerable to what their professors teach them. Away from home, drunk with the independence they crave, they are prime targets for those who cynically manipulate them and obfuscate the truth. And more and more, universities are being bought with Arab money to establish departments which harbor hatred of Israel and the West.

It’s time to take the universities back.