Graham to Obama: Man Up on Entitlement Reform

Graham to Obama: Man Up on Entitlement Reform

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) blasted Barack Obama on Monday, suggesting he focus on real solutions to dealing with the huge national deficit instead of pursuing a progressive big government agenda.

You just got reelected. How about doing something big that is not liberal? How about doing something big that really is bipartisan? Every big idea he has is a liberal idea that drowns us in debt. How about manning up here, Mr. President, and use your mandate to bring this country together to stop us from becoming Greece?

Graham highlighted Obama’s obsession with hiking taxes on top earners, claiming Obama was looking for “sort of a partisan political trophy.” He lambasted Obama’s obsession, saying it wasn’t an answer for the massive deficit:

I would like [Obama] to be remembered as a president who saved Social Security and Medicare from bankruptcy by working with Republicans. But he seems to have no inclination to be remembered for anything other than a guy who has a small view of our fiscal situation.

Graham also intimated that Republicans were beginning to unite around the idea that the debt ceiling shouldn’t be raised without major entitlement reform.