Michigan Right to Work Could Defund Planned Parenthood

Michigan Right to Work Could Defund Planned Parenthood

The link between unions and Planned Parenthood may wind up defunding the abortion provider as well as cutting funds for pro-homosexual activist groups in Michigan. This is because Governor Rick Snyder has signed the Right-to-Work law, which leaves workers free to work without joining a union or paying dues to one.

Up until now, a huge portion of the forced dues collected by the unions has been spent supporting politicians who are clearly pro-abortion and pro same-sex marriage. Michigan has been largely unionized because of the great number of government jobs and auto industry jobs.

The link between the unions and the abortion and same-sex marriage supporters may be unknown to large swaths of the general public, but the evidence is unmistakable; Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards unabashedly stated, “Planned Parenthood and the UAW [United Auto Workers] share a planned vision for this country.” The United Auto Workers appointed Mary Beth Cahill as the director of its national political agenda last year. Previously, Cahill had been the boss of the PAC EMILY’s List, which is devoted to electing pro-abortion candidates. Bob King, the president of the UAW, said, “During her five years at EMILY’s List, she helped turn the pro-choice PAC into an unrivaled political powerhouse–the largest in the country at the time.”

Elise Hilton of the Acton Institute in Michigan, which fights for religious liberty, wants the public to be aware of the ties between the unions and the abortion and same-sex marriage groups:

I don’t think people outside of maybe the leadership of the UAW or Planned Parenthood know about the strong ties between unions and Planned Parenthood. I don’t think they realize that the president of Planned Parenthood was the keynote speaker for the UAW conference, or that the UAW says on their own website that they ‘strenuously support a woman’s right to choose.’

How many [workers] know that their union dues are going to support Planned Parenthood? I think this is something that the pro-life and pro-family movements in Michigan and elsewhere need to make known. It’s not just being forced to join a union – for many people, it’s being forced to support actions and organizations they find reprehensible.