Environmentalists Protest Coal Trains' Effect on Car Traffic

Environmentalists Protest Coal Trains' Effect on Car Traffic

Left-of-center efforts to prevent the exploration, use, or building and bettering of domestic infrastructure needed for American energy independence have begun to follow the path of the Left’s other efforts — disingenuous re-framing and repackaging.

After decades of efforts to reduce funding for roads and other automobile infrastructure so that traffic jams would increase and light rail projects would receive support, left-of-center protesters are now protesting the automobile traffic congestion they worked so hard to nurture.

Local and outside agitators gathered in Seattle recently to protest the use of American coal. Though most of the protesters stayed on the pre-planned message and talking points, many could not hide their true intentions and “Stop Coal” signs abounded.

The city was set to hold a public hearing on whether or not a new coal terminal would be built in nearby Bellingham. Determining exactly how many people showed up to protest is difficult, as the area’s local Fox affiliate claimed “hundreds” in their online report, “thousands” when their news anchor spoke, and “100 strong” when their correspondent spoke.

The coal terminal is expected to bring jobs and revenues with an estimated 54 million tons of coal going through each year. $92 million worth of tax revenues are forecast for the two years of construction and development, with an additional $11 million annually following completion.

The terminal’s opponents claim the trains would bring traffic delays that could impede tourism to the area.