Mayors Bloomberg and Menino Look for Political Gain in Conn. Shooting

Mayors Bloomberg and Menino Look for Political Gain in Conn. Shooting

As Mayor Bloomberg reacted to the Connecticut shooting with calls for “immediate action against guns” and Boston Mayor Menino joined him with calls for a “national gun policy,” it was sickening to see the shooting politicized within hours of its occurrence. 

It is literally sickening

These two mayors seem to be eaten up with an anti-gun ideology that keeps them from seeing the world as it is, rather than the world as they wish it was. For in the world as it is, Connecticut has some of the toughest state gun laws in the land: yet this tragedy happened. 

The lesson: to react emotionally to this tragedy and seek to limit the gun rights of people throughout America because of the actions of one evil 20-year-old in Connecticut is senseless.

But there’s another lesson as well. Here we are, less than two weeks from Christmas, and the families of those killed have suffered losses unspeakable at this time of year. How callous does a politician have to be to use this suffering as springboard for personal agendas? Yet that’s exactly what Bloomberg and Menino have done.

Both mayors have proven themselves shameless in this particular. 

My heart breaks with the hearts of the fathers who received the phone call that their child was unaccounted for today. This was a tragedy of the first order, not a “crisis” for Bloomberg and Menino to spin to their advantage.