Michelle Obama's Close Friend May Face Perjury Charges

Michelle Obama's Close Friend May Face Perjury Charges

One of First Lady Michelle Obama’s closest friends may face charges of perjury, which is punishable by jail time, for lying under oath about her bankruptcy filings. 

According to a FOX 32 News and Better Government Association investigation, Yvonne Davila, who has been a spokesperson for Cook County, Illinois Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown since May, failed to disclose her $104,000 annual salary in court documents when she declared bankruptcy in June, a month after securing her current job.  

Then, when Davila was asked at an August meeting for creditors whether “all the information contained in those (bankruptcy) documents is true and correct,” she, according an audio recording obtained by FOX 32, answered “yes.”

The investigation found that “an anonymous letter was sent to the bankruptcy court and the U.S. Attorney informing them about Davila’s new job, and that she may have lied on her forms and during her testimony” in September. 

But Davila was still granted the more favorable Chapter 7 discharge status in October, which is considered more favorable than Chapter 13 status that would have forced Davila to pay more money to her creditors. 

Charlie Glanzer, a Chicago attorney who specializes in bankruptcy law, said Davila may not have been granted Chapter 7 relief had she disclosed her six-figure income.

“I have a lot of clients who make less money than she does but are still considered to be making too much money to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the only available relief to them is Chapter 13,” Glazner said.  

Davila’s attorney Matthew Miller tried to take the blame for Davila, saying she “did not intentionally attempt to mislead any party in the proceeding, and I take responsibility for the oversight and the subsequent corrective measures.”

According to ChicagoMag.com, Michelle Obama “first met Davila at Rich Daley’s City Hall in 1991–the job that launched the friendship between the Obamas and their close confidant and White House adviser, Valerie Jarrett.”

Obama, Davila, and Sandy Matthews (described as the “three best friends”) would spend every Saturday together and with their daughters. It is a custom they kept, according to ChicagoMag.com, on the first Saturday after Obama won the 2008 election.