Bloomberg Demands More Gun Laws

Bloomberg Demands More Gun Laws

Today, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his colleagues at Mayors Against Illegal Guns released a statement demanding that federal legislators take stringent anti-gun measures. Bloomberg said:

“What happened in Newtown was an unspeakable crime – a mass murder in which six- and seven-year-old children were gunned down in their classrooms, along with their elementary school teachers and administrators. Gun violence is a national epidemic – and a national tragedy – that demands more than words. It demands immediate national action, from the President and from Congress.  It needs to be at the top of their agenda.”

Gun violence, of course, is not an “epidemic” – it’s not contagious, and mass shootings are down significantly over this decade. But Mayor Thomas Menino of Boston joined Bloomberg:

“There are too many stories of those who have lost loved ones to gun violence – and far too many were added from Newtown just days ago. To honor those we’ve lost, we must continue to demand a plan from lawmakers that will keep gun violence from taking more lives.”

Instead of focusing on efficient laws to prevent the mentally unstable from getting hold of guns – and instead of focusing on security in schools – Mayors Against Illegal Guns is calling for typical anti-gun legislation to be passed, including another assault weapon ban, along with high-capacity magazines – neither of which has been shown to have any impact on gun violence, especially since Connecticut has laws regarding both.