NBC News: Lanza Stopped Seeing Dad when He Began Dating Another Woman

NBC News: Lanza Stopped Seeing Dad when He Began Dating Another Woman

NBC is reporting that Adam Lanza had cut off communication with his father, Peter Lanza, and had refused to see him, once his father began dating another woman in 2010.

Ryan Lanza, Adam’s older brother, said that he had not had any contact with Adam since 2010 as well.

Peter Lanza, a successful finance executive at GE, which is part owner of NBC Universal, reportedly separated from Nancy Lanza, Adam’s mother, in 2001, and was officially divorced from her in 2009. Peter continued to see Adam every week until 2010, when the father began dating another woman, whom he later married. According to NBC News, Adam then abruptly cut off communication with his father, despite Peter’s attempts to see him. A source close to the Lanza family said that Adam’s father never saw any violent behavior in his son.


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According to the divorce documents, Adam’s parents had an amicable divorce, with both parties representing themselves without attorneys. They apparently were able to simply utilize the services of a divorce mediator, who reports that Adam’s parents were focused on his needs when they arranged their parenting plan, which included joint custody of Adam. The mediator reports that Adam’s mother did not like to leave her son alone.

Peter Lanza fully supported Nancy and Adam, with more than $289,000 per year in alimony. Peter also volunteered to pay for Adam’s medical and car insurance as well as college education.