Texas Gun Shop Offers Free Handgun Courses to Teachers

Texas Gun Shop Offers Free Handgun Courses to Teachers

A gun shop near San Antonio, Texas is offering free concealed handgun license courses to all teachers after the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. 

Josh Felker, who owns LoneStar Handgun in Schertz, Texas, told the ABC affiliate there that he is offering the $125 course for free through January 6 to “anyone who works with students at a school.”

“I don’t advocate anybody having to carry a gun; it’s having that option,” Felker, whose phone has been ringing nonstop since the Sandy Hook massacre, said. “When evil does confront me, I have a fighting chance versus being defenseless.”

Felker noted that Texas “law allows teachers or any school to allow anybody to carry a firearm onto campus as long as it’s by written authorization or by school policy.”

According to KVUE, “school districts in Texas can implement policies which would allow teachers to carry guns on campus,” but, so far, only the Harrold Independent School District in North Texas has done so, making “news in 2008 when it became the first district to allow teachers to meet certain requirements to carry concealed weapons on campus.”