Gallup: Americans Want Mental Health Laws, Police, Not Banning Guns

Gallup: Americans Want Mental Health Laws, Police, Not Banning Guns

Despite the attempts by the Left to use the massacre in Newtown, Connecticut to forward their anti-gun agenda, Americans feel that there are other avenues they would rather explore to protect to innocent children, according to a new Gallup Poll. In order of preference, the poll shows that 53% of Americans would favor an increased police presence at schools, 50% wanted to increase government spending on mental health screening and treatment, 47% thought that gun violence on TV, in movies and in video games should be decreased, and 42% thought the sale of assault and semi-automatic guns should be banned.

Almost as many people (34%) thought that at least one school official in every school should carry a gun as those who favored banning the sale of assault and semi-automatic guns, while 27% felt that the news media should not print or read the names of the shooter. The news blackout of the shooter drew the highest percentage of those who thought it would be ineffective, at 40%, but the gun ban was a close second in the ineffectiveness rating at 36%.

What also becomes clear from the poll is the public’s perception that all of the solutions offered would be fruitless, as 53% was the highest positive rating of any of the remedies.

The difference between Republicans and Democrats was most stark when the subject of banning guns was broached; 61% of Democrats liked the idea while only 26% of Republicans did, a 35% differential. Spending more on mental health screenings also was polarizing; 67% of Democrats favored it while 35% of Republicans did, a 32% gap.

On the other hand, Republicans were more likely to endorse arming school officials and decreasing gun violence displayed on TV, in movies, and in video games.