Paroled Felon Caught With AK-47 In Car

Paroled Felon Caught With AK-47 In Car

Perhaps the Left is correct; we should all turn in our guns or sell them back to the government; that way no one would have guns.


West Covina, California, police arrested a paroled felon after he crashed into a police car when he drove his Toyota Camry 100 miles onto a freeway on ramp and lost control. 

You’ll never guess what they found in the trunk of his car.

Christmas gifts? A copy of Good Housekeeping?

Not quite. They found a loaded AK-47 rifle.

No, Virginia, criminals won’t be giving up their guns any time soon.

The felon, Robert Anthony Facciponti, 36, of West Covina, was trying to evade police after they tried to flag him down for a traffic violation. As they chased him, he was driving over 90 mph on city streets, then tried to enter the freeway at 100 mph. He ricocheted off of the retaining wall onto the freeway, where he hit the police car. After the crash, he ran away on foot but was caught soon after that.