Police Break-up Parent Fight at Youth Football Game

Police Break-up Parent Fight at Youth Football Game

Last Saturday, a southern California youth football game ended with riot police called when a massive brawl broke out between parents from the competing teams. Game spectators hailed from Alhambra, Bell Gardens and the Huntington Park area.

Chino police walked on to the football field in full riot gear to protect themselves and to break up a fight between dozens of parents at a Junior All-American football game. Initial calls to the police indicated the melee involved 200-300 parents. The brawl did not involve members of the football teams who were playing in the game.

The San Bernadino Sun reported that no arrests were made, nor were there any serious injuries. Parents could have  been arrested and spent the Christmas holiday in prison or hospitalized with injuries. 

The brawl immediately died down once the riot police arrived on site.