Barney Frank Not Ruling Out Kerry's Senate Seat

Barney Frank Not Ruling Out Kerry's Senate Seat

With Ted Kennedy Jr. ruling out a run for John Kerry’s senate seat, eyes turned to Barney Frank as a potential replacement.  In an interview last week, Frank demurred but added he would not necessarily say “no” should he be offered an interim appointment.

Governor Deval Patrick is tasked with the job of replacing Kerry until a special election is held in 2014.  Barney Frank is retiring from the House of Representatives at the end of the year after a 30+ year tenure.  

However, recently Frank described himself as “tired.”  The July marriage to his long-time partner has also added to his congressional stresses: “And that’s difficult particularly since I got married earlier this year. Late in life, but that makes you all the more eager to make the most of it. So the separation from Jim has been an unpleasant part of this.”

Frank did rule out a run for the Senate seat, but was coy about a possible interim appointment:  “As for an interim thing, I think accepting offers that haven’t been made is kind of presumptuous.”