Polls: NRA More Popular than Obama, Media

Polls: NRA More Popular than Obama, Media

A Gallup poll conducted in the wake of the Connecticut shooting shows that the NRA is viewed more favorably than Obama or the Mainstream Media.

This is astounding when you think of the concerted effort by Democrats and MSM talking heads to denigrate and shame both the NRA and gun-owners at large following the criminal acts of Adam Lanza.

According to the poll, carried out Dec. 19-22, the NRA is viewed favorably by 54% of Americans. 

Contrast this with a CBS poll conducted for Obama on Dec. 12-16, wherein his favorable rating was only 49%, and a September Gallup poll focused on the media, wherein the MSM’s favorable rating was 40.

The bottom line: the NRA remains popular because they defend our gun rights — period. And now, more than ever, Americans know those rights need to be defended from gun-grabbing Democrats and duplicitous MSM personalities like David Gregory