Occupy LA Float Featured in Rose Parade

Occupy LA Float Featured in Rose Parade

Just when you thought Occupy was dead, it leaps back to life … in the Rose Parade. Today’s world-famous Pasadena Rose Parade is designed to give millions joy. But today’s parade will feature a float from Occupy Los Angeles, complete with a giant Mr. Monopoly riding a red wagon. Organizers of the parade said that the float would actually be last in the parade. Mr. Monopoly will have strings that connect to participants nearing foreclosure. Because the rich control the economy, and foreclose on the poor. Get it?

“It symbolizes the grip the banks have on individual homeowners,” babbled Carlos Marroquin, a community organizer with Occupy Fights Foreclosures. “We’re protesting the foreclosure practices that continue to hurt millions of families.” Foreclosures that take place when, for example, people don’t pay their mortgages on time.

200 people are expected to march next to the float, which is titled, in typical leftist gobbledygook fashion, “Occupy Our Homes, It’s Not All Roses for the Banksters’ Victims.”

The Pasadena Police Department is working in cooperation with Occupy Fights Foreclosures. There are no plans for civil disobedience. Last year, Occupy crashed the Rose Parade with a plastic octopus representing how the wealthy control the economy.