NAACP's Benjamin Jealous Attacks Senator Tim Scott

NAACP's Benjamin Jealous Attacks Senator Tim Scott

Last week, NAACP President Benjamin Jealous attacked newly appointed Senator Tim Scott as a token who knows nothing about civil rights.

Mr. Jealous accused Senator Scott of not believing in civil rights because he is not a promoter of growing the central government to unparalleled levels in history. The NAACP in its annual report card gave the African American Republican an “F” for not supporting its agenda.

Senator Scott addressed the unfounded attack with Fox News’s Greta Van Susteren and simply dismissed charge as “ridiculous.”

All one has to do is look at last 20 year history of the NAACP to understand that this once great organization, created to advance the Civil Rights and interest of all persons of color in the United States, is nothing more than an extension of the Democrat Party. The NAACP of today is controlled by front groups run by Democrats, for Democrats, to elect Democrats. Their agenda reads like something written in the smoke filled back rooms of the DNC.

Mr. Jealous,  in keeping with the New York Times editorial of 2 weeks ago, sees it as his job to take out  Senator Scott as a threat to Democrats. Scott was first elected to office on the strength of the Tea Party. His reelection flies in the face of the liberal charge that the Tea Party is racist.  

As a person of color, I have the right to issue my own grade for the NAACP and my grade is a “I” for incomplete. Let’s look at the last four years:

  • Minority unemployment rates are at double the national average
  • Three out of four minority homeowners either foreclosed upon or underwater
  • High school graduation rates among minority students in most major urban areas are less than 50%
  • The growing murder rate among minority youth in major cities such as Chicago and Detroit

On all these issues the NAACP’s public response has been muted.

The reality of the matter is that for all the NAACP’s talk, it was activists in the Tea Party Movement that lobbied and convinced Governor Nikki Haley to appoint Congressmen Scott to the seat.