Sandy Victim Promised Aid Gets Generic Form Letter from Obama

Sandy Victim Promised Aid Gets Generic Form Letter from Obama

After Hurricane Sandy a photo of President Barack Obama hugging local business owner Donna Vanzant quickly went viral after its release. He promised immediate relief, but when she emailed him all she received was a form letter.

Ms. Vanzant described the response as disturbing because it had absolutely nothing to do with her questions. Instead, he sent her a letter thanking her for supporting the troops. However, when she reached out to New Jersey State Senator Jim Whelan she received an immediate response from him.

She was hoping for a little more from the president. Instead she was used as a photo op for him.

“When you get a hug from the President of the United States, you feel like there’s something there,” she said. “A promise was made.”

President Obama is known for his catchphrase hope and change, but it does not seem to apply to people like Ms. Vanzant.

“You promise something, you keep it, and that was a broken promise,” she continued. “I’ve never been a person to expect free handouts, but the President gave me hope. But now, I just don’t know.”

The House of Representatives passed a $9.7 billion Sandy flood aid bill last week and the Senate is expected to take action on it next week. Hopefully Ms. Vanzant and the other victims President Obama promised to help will receive their aid soon and not just a form letter.