Book Review: Ben Shapiro's Bullies

Book Review: Ben Shapiro's Bullies

The political left has successfully marketed themselves to the public as the champion of the world’s underdogs.  Their battle is the fight for a never ending merry-go-round of victims: women, minorities, the “middle class” and on and on. Ben Shapiro’s new book Bullies: How The Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America exposes this racket for what it is: subterfuge for the relentless, shameless bullying of those who disagree with the accepted liberal agenda.

Shapiro’s book is a thorough documentation and analysis of the left’s bully tactics and modus opperandi. Agents of the left coordinate and engage in name calling, incite violence using heated rhetoric, intimidate opponents, and then step back to claim clean hands and preach tolerance.   

And yet, the true bullies, those who actually use intimidation and the force of government to coerce and silence adversaries, go unnoticed by their media allies. There is no question that if you object to tax hikes, you hate the poor. If you object to abortion, you’re launching a war on women. If you support traditional marriage, you hate gays. Discussion and debate about important policies is shut down immediately with such tactics.

Shapiro’s book chronicles the bullying by media, progressive institutions like Media Matters, and universities. He details how those who don’t buy into the leftist talking points on race (or are critical of Obama) are labelled “racist.” Shapiro exposes the left’s plot to demonize businesses and Wall Street and the double standard on feminism: it’s ok to bully Sarah Palin, but it’s a “war” if you oppose abortion. We see how bullies come in all colors, especially green; America was bullied into subsidizing “green energy” boondoggles like the Chevy Volt.

Bullies is a thorough, comprehensive accounting of the left’s history of thuggery on every front. It’s a must read to understand the methods and learn the game-plan of freedom’s opponents. Shapiro’s book is the first step to stop these bully tactics and fight back.