Biden: Gun Control Like Air Bags, Saves Lives

Biden: Gun Control Like Air Bags, Saves Lives

On Thursday, VP Biden said passing more gun control is like forcing car manufacturers to install air bags–it saves lives.

Biden apparently missed the fact that in Chicago, America’s sterling example of what gun control can do, 532 people were killed with guns in 2012 and over 44 school age children were shot. 

Is this the kind of safety he’s talking about?

Biden claims that the only reason more gun control isn’t in on the books right now is because gun companies have fought it the way “the automobile industry” did “in the late 60s and early 70s.”

Perhaps Biden missed these numbers as well–the total number of people killed with a firearm in the U.S. in 2009 was 9,146 while the total number of people killed in automobile related deaths for that same year was 34,485.

How can numbers this divergent even be mentioned in the same sentence?

If Biden were serious about making Americans safer, he’d look into ways to make climbing rocks and ladders safer first. Why? Because in the same year that 34,485 people died in car related deaths while only 9,146 people died from gun related deaths, 24,792 people died from falls. 

Until the federal government gets serious about rocks and ladders, we know their focus on guns is ideologically driven