4% of Americans Think Guns, Gun Control 'Most Important' Issue

4% of Americans Think Guns, Gun Control 'Most Important' Issue

Given all the oxygen being expended by the media and Democrats on gun control proposals, one would assume the issue had skyrocketed to the top of voters’ concerns. Democrat politicians are mugging for the camera and several cable shows have virtually turned their entire programming schedule over to the issue. A new survey from Gallup, however, shows that guns and gun control are very low on the public’s list of priorities. Just 4% of Americans listed guns when asked what was the most important issue facing the country. 

The issues voters most worry about are the Economy (21%), federal budget deficit (20%), dissatisfaction with government (18%), and unemployment (16%). 

Given the issues most on voters’ minds, it’s no wonder the media and the Democrats are so eager to change the conversation. Beyond their overall desire to get more gun control, it’s also an issue where they can look like they are “doing something.” Never mind that none of the proposals floated so far would have prevented recent tragedies. The other issues are much more difficult for politicians to address.

The 2012 Presidential election morphed into a kind of alternative universe, where the discussions revolved around issues other than the economy or government spending. It looks like large parts of the government, at least those under the Democrats’ control, will try the same trick this year.

Beats confronting an increasingly bankrupt government.