Guns Save Two Lives, Stop Intruders

Guns Save Two Lives, Stop Intruders

In two recent incidents, armed Americans once again used their legally-owned firearms to protect their lives and businesses.

David Weatherton, of Fremont, CA, attacked his 25-year-old son with a spiked bat during a family fight on January 10. Weatherton’s other son, 27-years old, stepped in to protect his brother, but Weatherton started to attack him. The son turned and shot his father in the chest. He was released later when investigators determined he acted in self-defense.

In Sherman, TX, Stinky’s Scrap Metal has been a popular target for criminals. Many employees will come by during the night to check on the scrap yard. An employee found two intruders during his check-in early Tuesday morning. He confronted them and shot one in the leg. The other got away. Both were trying to steal scrap metal.

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