Democrats Use Sandy Aid to Bully on Sequester

Democrats Use Sandy Aid to Bully on Sequester

The latest attempt by the White House to demagogue the sequestration issue is now rearing its ugly head; the Office of Management and Budget has suddenly discovered that the money going to victims of Hurricane Sandy, roughly $50 billion in “emergency” aid, might be cut if Congress and the White House don’t settle the sequestration issue.

How typical of the Democrats, who love to portray the GOP as heartless. You mean if the GOP doesn’t buckle on the sequester, the victims will be left out in the cold?

Yet at the same time, because the aid package is added to the mix of programs that will be cut, some other domestic programs might face a smaller hit. That means other areas around the country might not see their funding cut so drastically.

As things stand now, the cuts in spending amount to $85.3 billion, half from defense and half from domestic spending. When the Sandy aid is cut, the cut in domestic spending decreases from 5.7% to 5.1%.