Obama: Presidency Teaches Humility

Obama: Presidency Teaches Humility

Barack Obama made a remark at an inaugural luncheon so disingenuous that the moment came when the rise of the oceans began to slow.


Obama said: “I know that former President Carter, President Clinton, they understand the irony of the presidential office, which is the longer you’re there, the more humble you become, and the more mindful you are that is beyond your powers individually to move this great country.”

Obama has gotten more humble?

He continued:

I realize that democracy is not always easy. And I recognize there are profound differences in this room. But I just want to say thank you for your service, and I want to thank your families for their service, because regardless of our political persuasions and perspectives, I know that all of us serve because we believe that we can make America for future generations.

Make America what, pray tell?

The idea of the Narcissistic One protesting his growing humility is so nauseating that the speech will be bottled and sold instead of Ipecac for emetic purposes. Has there ever been such a smooth liar on the White House premises?